I’m Erin. I’m currently nineteen. I want to be a doctor. “About Me” pages are notoriously generic and gross and I don’t really like talking about myself so here’s a picture of me standing on a rock and I’m going to talk about it.

me on a rockAlrighty, so this picture was taken in the beautiful area outside Granite, Oklahoma. And I’m not being sarcastic, it really is beautiful. This was back in July of 2012, when I was at the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute. Me and the other creative writers boarded a bus that took us to this really neat granite quarry, where there were a bunch of cool sights and sounds and it was cloudy and we climbed on stuff. I think we were supposed to be getting inspiration for our writing but we all ended up running around too much to write anything.

So after the first round of climbing around the quarry we visited the office of the people who actually own it. This woman told us all about Granite the town and how it was pretty much founded by her family, and they’ve been there forever making  all sorts of monuments and statues and pretty things. It was just neat all-around, and after that we went out and hiked some more. That was when this picture was taken; I am standing on some random rock (they were everywhere) and the town is behind me. I’m actually much higher up than I look. I’m not one who is generally afraid of heights but I got a bit freaked at one point when I was standing on this long, vertical piece of stone that started wiggling. Here’s another picture, this time of my old pumas conquering some earth:

my feet on a rock

A one point we found a huge pile of abandoned granite; some of it had been polished so they looked like chunks off a new countertop. I took a piece that was ruddy-colored with black flecks and white sparkles. I put it in my purse and it stayed there, even when I left OSAI, and when I bought a new purse I transferred it over. I don’t know why I’m carrying around a discarded chunk of rock; maybe because I want a little piece of Granite with me at all times, or maybe, as my mom suggests, if someone tries to rape me I can shank them with the jagged edge.


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