They’re Making Me Drink Water So I Can Pee in a Cup

17 May

I have to do a drug test at the hospital before I’m employed there, which makes sense, but maybe they should have told me so I would have actually consumed liquid this morning. I didn’t pee enough in the freaking cup the first time so they made me go sit in the waiting room with creepy people while I had to drink 6-7 cups of water. I was all “I got this” because generally I’m good at downing large quantities of liquid without any qualms. But I get to the fourth cup and start feeling… pukey. Like if I drink one more sip I’m just going to vomit everywhere. (I actually have a really sensitive gag reflex so don’t judge me). I had to actively force myself to not think about puking. I slowed down considerably and forced myself to drink 7 cups of water, and now I’m just waiting for that good ‘ole gotta-go feeling. They’re blasting Jeopardy and it’s the college tournament so it’s not too bad.
So I felt like I should blog this interesting and uncomfortable experience as a lesson to others: don’t go to a drug screen dehydrated. They will do water torture on you.


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